Coronavirus Street Art: The New Heroes

2020. May. 27. | Community

Just 3 months ago, our lives changed radically and virtual contact became the new normal, while our freedom was restricted. Of course, not everyone can stay at home...

The Live Street Art Érd in response, he chose the street to fight and draw people's attention to the virus for protection against social responsibility and solidarity. The goal of their campaign is to make this specific branch of contemporary art accessible to everyday people. According to them, street art is an exciting and innovative style trend today, with its intense message it makes you think, delights the eye and dresses up the bare walls. It takes back a slice of the space dominated by advertising if it tries to tear us away from the controlled, closed world of consumer society even for a moment.

Korona Street Art
Koronavírus Street Art

Implementation of the project Attila Balogh graffiti artist/painter and Márton Árvay ALL CAPS Collective it was realized with the cooperation of the owner of the shop and gallery in Érd, thereby expressing their respect for the health and social care workers who fight for us every day. Since the town of Érd loves and recognizes the genre of graffiti/street art, the offer to present the works came from the townspeople themselves. Some people offered the wall of their house and some even their fence as a surface to make the works visible to the people living in the city. Nearly 20 works were displayed in different parts of the city so that the message would reach its destination. ? The main character seen in the works is an imaginary female figure/doctor or nurse in a mouth mask, on whose T-shirt a partially visible superman pendant appears, thus referring to heroic behavior and manifestation. The paintings were made with the stencil technique on the wall and OSB sheet with spray paint, and they are all completely different in style, color scheme and atmosphere.

Koronavírus Street Art
Koronavírus Street Art
Koronavírus Street Art
Koronavírus Street Art
Coronavirus Street Art
Fotó: Balogh Alex

During the creation process, the artist also created a few unique pieces, as a result of which the organizing team and Municipality of Érd MJV jointly decided to auction one of these works for charity. With the proceeds from the auction, I would like to help the work of the city ambulance station by purchasing the necessary equipment.

Infopapa rezidenciája

Infopapa's residence

His works are absolutely suitable for such places, which are already so destroyed that they can only be repaired.

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