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Time is money. In the financial situation affected by the current inflation, this saying could even be translated as if one does not act in time, one will certainly lose the value of the money acquired at the price of hard work. The best investment is investing in yourself.

Stamps Back - A story of moles

Smuggled Commodore 64s, hacked games, copied video game cassettes sold on the market, floppy disks sent by mail, Matáv telephone booth connected to an American BBS server, disc magazines and the birth of the first Hungarian paper game magazines.

Lugo: Graffiti. Read the Signs - A compass for the capital's graffiti culture

The album presents the art of LUGO, the "light digger", and at the same time serves as a compass for the graffiti culture of the capital, explaining the basic concepts and stylistic trends of graffiti, the most important graffiti lines in Budapest, and even the legal aspects of graffiti.

A NEW Budapest cultural project will arrive in May: BOKODIL

The innovative BOKODIL brand will arrive in May 2022, which shows an active presence both online and offline. BOKODIL is a podcast, a cultural and community-building project, and a unique genre...

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