An eco-conscious swallow wallows in the spirit of environmental protection

2020. Jun. 5. | Community

Unfortunately, the swallow population in Hungary is decreasing every year, the main reason being climate change and human activity. The two are the same, and only the recognition of the problem and the intention to help it will solve it.

The company established in Szeged was aware of this Mondolo Association, whose goal is to introduce people to the benefits of a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle and draw attention to social responsibility for the future of our planet. As an example of this, with their latest initiative, which is a "With paint for the swallows! – Mondolo environmental protection street art project"was given the title, the polluting giant of one of Szeged's neighborhoods was transformed into a bird-friendly work of art with a web-based educational interface.

muralpaint fecske mural

To implement this, the Muralpaint a team of wall decorators was invited. The foundations of the wall were painted by street artists and visual artists from Szeged, and the final decoration, the swallows, was created by Ákos Marton and Leó Vinkó (muralpaint). The painting of the more than 1,000 square meter wall took a good 3 weeks with 1 year of preparation before that. The artists used approximately 50 paint spray cans and 200 liters of coloring and outdoor paint for the painting process. The rough and massive part was applied with strong facade paint, as it was painted on glass. The initial large rollers were replaced by smaller and smaller brushes. The final subtler shades were blown on with a spray paint.

muralpaint fecske mural
muralpaint fecske mural

In addition to drawing attention and transforming the living environment, their main goal with the project is to improve the living space and breeding efficiency of the swallows arriving in the city. This was achieved by placing a 20-meter long artificial swallow site, which was placed on the side of the heating plant. In addition to the 20 artificial nests that the Hungarian Ornithological Association offered, additional nests were laid out, which were made and placed by the staff and children of the Mondolo Association and the Bordányi Apraja-Village Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

muralpaint fecske mural

The muralpaint according to its communications manager, the feedback so far has been positive, but they believe that it sheds light on a problem that almost everyone knows about and that they managed to implement it with a formal appearance that is easy to understand and does not fall artistically into the world of abstraction, so it has become quite acceptable, which has a great influence the criticism.

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