This exhibition features introspective works of art, rich in various details, in which the creator actually takes stock of the stages of his life so far: all this in parallel with the projection of a more considered, harmonious vision of the future.

Peter Tomasek - Soul Fragments exhibition

In his solo exhibition entitled Soul Fragments, we can gain an insight into the various fragments of his psyche, all of which symbolize certain stages of his state of mind as an attempt to resolve social criticism or introspective tensions.

Imre Fork - Waterbased Visions

Imre Fork presents a new face with his latest water-based works and the combination of AR technology, which was created as a result of a meditative and innovative creative process.

Böki - Rollin on Chrome exhibition opening

András Őrsi/ Böki/DJ ONE-AB. By whatever name it is known, its name is synonymous with quality work. As a child, Böki was introduced to graffiti, music, and break dancing. His love for graffiti…

Fork Imre – Waterbased Visions

Imre Fork - Waterbased Visions

Új arcát mutatja be Fork Imre legújabb vízalapú munkáival és az AR technológia ötvözésével, ami egy meditatív és...

Fat Heat – Gratitude of Solitude kiállításmegnyitó / Unmute Gallery

Fat Heat - Gratitude of Solitude exhibition opening / Unmute Gallery

The year 2020 was special for everyone. For Fat Heat, it was because the missed trips gave him the opportunity to create images in a studio setting. This type of methodology confronted him with completely different challenges than the firewall-painted roads. It gave him a chance to escape and served as therapy in the monotony. Some of his paintings respond to the pandemic loneliness experienced in big cities and the virtual crowd of social media.