AAFK interview

Anny and Felipe are a pair of artists with a strong background in graphics and illustration. When they decided to take to the streets and start painting, they found a wonderful community and a new way to experience art and culture away from the office and computers.

Rawman interview

I am confident that, in terms of creation, I can be part of a process that will change and evolve over time. And it's pervasive and inspiring when there is a person's personality, energy and message behind a style.

Cüvé interview

Cüvé enjoys painting as a graffiti artist, thus reinforcing female participation in the subculture.

Interview with Eniko Váczy

As a world-traveling artist, Enikő opens portals to other realities with spiritual and symbolically coded messages.

Rawman interjú

Rawman interview

I hope that as a creator, I can be part of a process that will change and evolve over time...

Cüvé interjú

Cüvé interview

Cüvé enjoys painting as a graffiti artist, thus increasing female participation in the subculture.How long have you been painting? How did you...

Interjú Váczy Enikővel

Interview with Eniko Váczy

As a world-travelling artist, Enikő opens portals to other realities, with spiritual and symbolically encoded messages....

Teyl x Desir interjú

Teyl x Desir interview

An honest and direct account from one of the founders of the RCG crew from the beginning to the present day. With almost 20 years of experience in the profession, seasoned with some guidelines that are worth taking.

Koen interjú

Koen interview

Endre/Koen/Darab. Whichever designation we look at, each one is a slice of his life, from which he became who he is today. Graffiti, street art, graphics and much more.

Interjú Szárnyas Doboz utcaművésszel

Interview with street artist Szárnyas Doboz

The name and work of Szárnyas Doboz/Box with wings has been familiar to the Hungarian street art lovers for a long time. On the road, we come across a piece of art that for a moment...

Interjú Bronk graffiti művésszel

Interview with graffiti artist Bronk

The street and its culture were present quite early in the life of graffiti artist Bronk, which gave him a lot of inspiration. His style was greatly influenced by the hip-hop album covers of the late 80s and early 90s. During his several years abroad, he met a lot of like-minded people who inspired and shaped his art.

Shit Shot interjú

Shit Shot interview

Shit Shot is an interesting color spot in the Hungarian graffiti scene. His quirky character repeatedly gets involved in exciting adventures, which the artist captures in various interesting places. Every single area of life has an inspiring effect on him.

Rough Coloring Crew

Rough Coloring Crew

I was lucky enough to participate in a mini graffiti jam at the beginning of May, where quite a few members of the RCG crew marched to the legal wall in Filatorigat. It is a very harmonious team, they exude cheerfulness and directness. The team is very diverse, everyone creates in a different style, but when they come together for a joint painting, the end result is a uniform, demanding work.