HOEK's Mexican-style restaurant decor

What you can see from him at the moment is a decorative painting for a Mexican restaurant called Sombreros Taqueria. His clients wanted to evoke the visual aspects of this rich culture in addition to their food.

Symbols of knowledge and ideas appear on the walls of a school in Bulgaria

Taker combined a stack of books and a light bulb with his usual splash effects. The idea is not too complicated: the books as knowledge and the light bulb as a symbol of thoughts and ideas, showing their connection.

Rubik's cube mural in central Seoul

In the Korean metropolis, the artists of Neopaint Works have created.

Fork x Skanska - "The way of water"

Skanska Hungary has entered into a unique collaboration with graffiti artist Imre Fork, who has created an original and inspiring artwork in the garden of the first building of H2Offices.

A Szegedi szecesszió múzsája

The muse of Szeged Art Nouveau

In cooperation between the Colourful City Group and RTL, three spectacular firewalls have been created this year: after Budapest and Pécs, the latest one was completed in Szeged, courtesy of RTL. The firewall painting was the subject of several designs, of which the residents of Szeged chose an Art Nouveau-style painting, the design of Enikő Váczy, by public vote.

Infopapa rezidenciája

Infopapa's residence

His works are absolutely suitable for such places, which are already so destroyed that they can only be repaired.

Elindult Szegeden is a Street Art turizmus

Elindult Szegeden is a Street Art turizmus

A napfény városa mindig tartogat meglepetéseket és ilyenkor valami újat mutat magából, mint amit addig megszoktunk. Ezt a változást mi sem mutathatná be jobban mint az utca művészete, ami bátran növekszik és folyamatosan feszegeti a kreatív határait.

Westprememural projekt 2.

Westprememural project 2.

To the delight of many, the Westprememural project, which was a great success last year, continued, where the symbol of Veszprém, King Szent István and Queen Gizella, the first Hungarian royal couple, was immortalized.

Ozora graffiti fesztivál

Ozora graffiti festival

A huge painting of Yoda came to life in Ozora, which was not done at the actual festival, but as part of a jam by some members of the RCG Crew. Among others, Peru took part in the painting, and he tells us about the details.