New generation INTELLECTUAL Creations


The aim of Urban Art is to present and document the work of people who create and operate under the auspices of the Hungarian Graffiti and Street Art subculture, as well as to inform about related events to all those who are interested in one of the most exciting art styles of our time.


We feel that these new generational forms of expression offer new possibilities in cultural and community life, and also broaden our perspective by cultivating or simply observing it ourselves.


We believe that with the power of our community we can achieve positive changes in our society.

The BIG project


Our very long dominant slave-holding institutions will be forgotten on Earth. Not so much to be wondered at... The pyramidal systems of our oppressors were coded for collapse from the moment of their inception. A consumer society driven by ignorance and fear is no longer sustainable. Unfortunately, thanks to this system, many people have become alienated from nature and from themselves, with destructive and devastating effects on the environment. Recognizing these problems, more and more people in all walks of life are coming to the decision to stop supporting this self-destruction at any level and instead build new, more sustainable, innovative and just systems that serve life. We have all the tools, information and knowledge at our disposal to express our highest spirit. Ultimately, the people who will change the world are those who are crazy enough to believe they can.


In a society, artists have always played a key role, even if they were not aware of it... In general, artists are more sensitive to the world around them because they have a way of seeing that we call the third eye. This ability resides in every person from the moment of birth. With this knowledge, it becomes possible for a person to perceive higher, deeper information and thereby discover his true nature more and more. This kind of recognition of reality can cause frustration in many people, since what they experience and what is happening in their environment are in most cases completely different from each other. It can be said that the difference between the perceived realities is heaven and earth. This is especially true for artists living in urban environments, who try to express who they really are in their own individual way and show the world who they really are with the power of creativity. The works these artists create are simply amazing and incredible. It is almost magical when a person expresses his highest, deepest spiritual being with the power of creativity, or just the opposite of that, from which you can also learn. If artists recognize the importance of this and take on the responsibility that comes with it, they will be able to perform smaller miracles, with which they can set an example for those around them. With the power of art, we can literally tear down walls and build bridges.


Urban Art (entity), as a collective intellectual expression of graffiti and street art trends, aims to serve the needs of primarily domestic artists and art lovers. To this end, a number of tools and possibilities are available, which will manifest themselves in the present as a result of the appropriate energy input. The activities of Urban Art will cover more and more areas, which will be implemented in the framework of various projects. As a new player in the cultural sphere, Urban Art wishes to support the work and development of local artists. As we move forward with the construction of different services, Urban Art also wants to act as a community platform. It wants to provide progressive access and opportunities for artists to shape their own image and exploit the potential of the platform. In effect, they will have a tool in their hands that will help artists to thrive and at the same time give them the opportunity to share the artistic values they create with others. We trust that the presence of Urban Art will greatly contribute to the development of individual and collective consciousness.

Team motivation

Gyuris Csaba

Csaba Gyuris

Creator & Builder


I am Csaba Gyuris, founder of Urban Art. Nowadays, these new generation art styles give people the opportunity to discover and express themselves. It's an exciting and adventurous lifestyle, which is also an excellent tool to entertain on a higher level of consciousness, while presenting reality and its deeper details. I believe that the collective spirit of our community, which has strength and voice, needs to be presented to the public in a worthy way.

Sulina Regina

Regina Sulina



I'm Sulina Regina, a big fan of street art for more than 12 years. Until now, I have only collected pictures and articles related to graffiti for my own amusement. I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone. I do this to introduce the interesting and sometimes reckless people who strengthen the team of the Hungarian graffiti subculture. In my articles, I would like to highlight legendary Hungarian writers, and up-and-coming Hungarian illustrators will also be presented. I also provide status reports on domestic graffiti jams and events.

Francia Dóra

Dóra Francia



I am Dóra Francia, 24 years old, a geographer dedicated to her profession, but at the same time I like to take on new challenges, which is why I thought I would try my hand at writing. Here, however, I am not only attracted by the writing, but also by the topic itself, my relationship with street art dates back to 2 years, when it became the central element of my research topic. As an area and settlement developer, I believe that street art can make the urban environment more colorful and friendly, as well as bring art closer to people.

Lekrinszki Fanni

Fanni Lekrinszki



I am a fan and I think it is important that the news and work of these brilliant artists reach as many people as possible. For me, the essence of graffiti/street art lies in the fact that we cannot own it - the walls can be repainted at any time, the stickers can be torn off - so we have to appreciate the moment when we can admire the works.





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