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Fork x Skanska - "The way of water"

Skanska Hungary has entered into a unique collaboration with graffiti artist Imre Fork, who has created an original and inspiring artwork in the garden of the first building of H2Offices.

Molotow Combat

The graffiti jam organised to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Molotow Shop in Budapest was a real hit, bringing the graffiti world together and doing something nice for people.

The muse of Szeged Art Nouveau

In cooperation between the Colourful City Group and RTL, three spectacular firewalls have been created this year: after Budapest and Pécs, the latest one was completed in Szeged, courtesy of RTL. The firewall painting was the subject of several designs, of which the residents of Szeged chose an Art Nouveau-style painting, the design of Enikő Váczy, by public vote.


The exhibition "BORN IN SZFVÁR" by Bogi Nagy builds on the emotionality of belonging and draws our attention to the instinct of artistic creation in a kind of peculiar contemporary way, in which she also ideologises Bory Castle, drawing on the cult of Jenő Bory, among others.

Artist Magazine -

Művész Magazin was launched in November 2022, thanks to Attila Rácz-Akácosi and his wife Laura Rácz-Akácosi. The aim was to create a platform where amateur and professional artists and creators could present themselves and their works. 

About blockchain technology - Cryptofalka

Time is money. In the financial situation affected by the current inflation, this saying could even be translated as if one does not act in time, one will certainly lose the value of the money acquired at the price of hard work. The best investment is investing in yourself.

Stamps Back - A story of moles

Smuggled Commodore 64s, hacked games, copied video game cassettes sold on the market, floppy disks sent by mail, Matáv telephone booth connected to an American BBS server, disc magazines and the birth of the first Hungarian paper game magazines.


This exhibition features introspective works of art, rich in various details, in which the creator actually takes stock of the stages of his life so far: all this in parallel with the projection of a more considered, harmonious vision of the future.


The street line is perhaps the only one where there is no compliance requirement.


Message from the street



"I think it's important that the fame and work of these brilliant artists reach as many people as possible. For me, the essence of graffiti/street art is that we can't own the walls can be repainted at any time, the stickers can be torn off – ,  so we have to appreciate the moment when we can admire the works.”

– Lekrinszki Fanni / Author