Symbols of knowledge and ideas appear on the walls of a school in Bulgaria

2023. Nov. 16. | Community

Taker combined a stack of books and a light bulb with his usual splash effects. The idea is not too complicated: the books as knowledge and the light bulb as a symbol of thoughts and ideas, showing their connection.

This design is an older one, made for a request from Hungary, where education was the theme, and after Taker sent the visual design the client ghosted it and never got a response. The artist has received several comments saying that it would be nice to see his work in Hungary, so this could have been a home-made work, but it wasn't.

So Taker on the wall of the Petőfi Sándor Vocational School in Razgrad, in the northeast of Bulgaria. 


The painting project was commissioned by the Liszt Institute (Hungarian Cultural Centre) in Sofia, and was Sofia Graffiti Tour who helped with the logistics, they are a great group of people who are dedicated to promoting graffiti / street art. They also organise street art tours in Sofia almost daily, if you are interested in the subject and are passing by, you should go with them.

HOEK mexikói stílusú éttermi dekorációja

HOEK's Mexican-style restaurant decor

What you can see from him at the moment is a decorative painting for a Mexican restaurant called Sombreros Taqueria. His clients wanted to evoke the visual aspects of this rich culture in addition to their food.

Fork x Skanska – „A víz útja”

Fork x Skanska - "The way of water"

Skanska Hungary has entered into a unique collaboration with graffiti artist Imre Fork, who has created an original and inspiring artwork in the garden of the first building of H2Offices.