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Csaba Gyuris

I believe that the collective spirit of our community, which has power and voice, should be presented to the general public in a dignified manner.

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Miss KK reworked her favourite Renaissance paintings and paired them with characters from her childhood. The theme of the exhibition was based around her painting "Boticelli - Birth of Venus". It was the first painting in which nudity was not portrayed as a sin.

Fork Imre – NEO_GEN3.SYS

Imre Fork - NEO_GEN3.SYS

The largest projected graffiti in the country was the theme of this year's 8th Zsolnay Festival of Light in the centre of Pécs. Fork's idea was to create a modern creation story, where there is a central figure who can be seen as both real and imaginary.

Muralinas: A szél istenének az epizódja

Muralinas: The God of the Wind episode

Muralinas was founded in 2022 by Stella Koleszár, visual artist, glass artist and Borbála Komesz, visual artist. They are working to create as many colourful wall surfaces as possible, not only in Budapest, but also in several small towns.

A természet a legnagyobb kincsünk, amit minden áron óvni kellene

Nature is our greatest treasure and should be protected at all costs

We are all familiar with the infinite beauty and richness of nature, yet we often forget that this treasure is not infinite. The consequences of human activities, such as industrialisation, agricultural intensification and urbanisation, are causing serious damage to the environment. Now is the time to take our responsibility seriously and act to protect nature.

UTCÁRA FEL! – urban art fesztivál Pécsen

GET UP! - urban art festival in Pécs

Urban art festival awaits urban art lovers in Pécs from 24 May to 22 September. Renowned Hungarian and foreign street artists will present their work at the Street Up international exhibition in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. A skateboarding exhibition entitled Art of Skate will be on display in the downtown Pécs Gallery, while hip-hop and skateboarding shows, professional workshops, lectures and guided tours will also be part of the festival programme until September.

Picasso – legenda 2050

Picasso - legend 2050

Art history in a novel, a touch of science fiction, a terrace door dividing worlds, mysteries galore, investigations, a journey from New York to Paris to Antibes, 1925 to 2051.

Rawman interjú

Rawman interview

I am confident that, in terms of creation, I can be part of a process that will change and evolve over time. And it's pervasive and inspiring when there is a person's personality, energy and message behind a style.

HOEK mexikói stílusú éttermi dekorációja

HOEK's Mexican-style restaurant decor

What you can see from him at the moment is a decorative painting for a Mexican restaurant called Sombreros Taqueria. His clients wanted to evoke the visual aspects of this rich culture in addition to their food.