A NEW Budapest cultural project will arrive in May: BOKODIL

2022. Apr. 23. | Recommended

The innovative BOKODIL brand will arrive in May 2022, which shows an active presence both online and offline. BOKODIL is a podcast, a cultural and community-building project, and a one-man book publisher representing a unique genre. The primary mission of the brand is to provide real and authentic content and knowledge primarily for young adults. It takes a role in creating a society that is open to social, health, economic, political and environmental issues. 



The main activity of the BOKODIL brand is the writing and publishing of zines, which are not yet widespread in Hungary, and the distribution and promotion of the literary possibilities of the zine culture.

What is a zine?

A zine is a privately published, small-volume publication, each issue of which is published in a maximum of 1,000 copies. There are no restrictions on form, editing and content that would limit the creator (the zinester), thus enabling a free form of self-expression free of rules.

The topic of the publications can be almost anything: politics, poetry, art and design, social theory, feminism, sexuality. There are also photography, music, geek and concept zines. A zine can contain: picture, graphic, lyric, prose, collage or a combination of these.

What is worth knowing about BOKODIL zine?

Individual issues of the BOKODIL zine are published every 2-3 months as bilingual (Hungarian, English) publications (300 copies in total) with an ISBN number. BOKODIL volumes have an average length of 80 pages. The topics of the publications are varied and always related to the theme of the free podcast of the given month, which is supplemented by a personal program organized on a monthly basis.

BOKODIL zine is neither a newspaper nor a book. A specific product that uniquely represents the demand for "something new", "something free of frills", which the XXI. The generation of the 20th century needs more than ever before.



BOKODIL also provides personal entertainment by organizing various cultural programs (round table discussions, presentations, fairs, concerts, festivals) and tenders, the primary goal of which is community building.  A programpaletta az aktuálisan megjelenő podcast és zine tematikájához kapcsolódva kerül kialakításra.

The programs also fulfill a gap-filling sexual and artistic educational role, making sure that the structure and content of the events respond to the real needs of young people.


The BOKODIL podcast was launched in November 2020. Its creator and dreamer is Petra Kata Heilman, whose biggest goal in the past few years has been to involve the young generation in the world of contemporary literature.

For me, it's not just a hobby, but a tool with which I can play a useful role in society. I believe that with the questions raised by the podcast channel, I can make a meaningful contribution to the useful enjoyment of other people's leisure activities, learning and self-awareness development. In the last 2 years, there have been fewer and fewer opportunities to visit personal programs and courses, so the podcast as a genre plays a particularly important role. - said Petra Heilman, the intellectual owner of the initiative.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio material published on the Internet, most comparable to a radio broadcast. The podcast is published on the Internet, so the listener can listen to it (on their digital devices: computer, smartphone, tablet) whenever and wherever they want.

What is worth knowing about the BOKODIL podcast?

The BOKODIL podcast, available free of charge to anyone, addresses various questions of life in half an hour. He teaches, asks questions, pushes boundaries, breaks down layers, and gives a point of view.

The content of the BOKODIL podcast was and will be developed based on a detailed, pre-planned concept. A total of 22 episodes have been released so far, with more than 739 minutes of audio.  In the past, the channel touched on very colorful and diverse topics: education systems in Europe, the situation of the elderly generation in today's Hungary, climate anxiety and environmental protection practices, Luffa pumpkin production, trends in feminism, the presentation of domestic alternative bands. The podcast channel can already boast several high-level guests.

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