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2023. Oct. 11. | Web3

MetaMask is a global community of developers and designers dedicated to making the world a better place through blockchain technology. Their mission is to democratize access to a decentralized Internet, and through this mission, transform the Internet and the global economy into one that empowers individuals through interactions based on consent, privacy and free association.

Our beginner's guide will show you how to register and use MetaMask, the popular cryptocurrency wallet. This guide will help you learn how to install and set up the crypto wallet and use its most important features step-by-step with pictures.

What is a MetaMask wallet and why should I use it?

The MetaMask wallet is the most popular crypto wallets which is safe and easy to use on Android, iOS and desktop computers. It is an open source cryptocurrency wallet and browser add-on that allows users to manage cryptocurrencies and use decentralized applications (DApps).

You can easily create and manage different crypto wallets, store and send cryptocurrencies and communicate directly with smart contracts. The main feature of MetaMask is its ability to connect directly to websites, making it one of the main foundations of Web3.


In addition, the MetaMask wallet is a "self-custody wallet", which offers extra security and anonymity for storing private keys and executing transactions, as they are encrypted on the user's device and are not uploaded to the Internet. This means that users are responsible for the storage and security of their private keys.

Which cryptocurrencies can be stored in the MetaMask wallet?

MetaMask is basically Ethereum based ERC20 tokens, but fortunately now supports most cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin unfortunately does not, but the networks of most smart contract platforms can be easily added to Metamask.


Step by step: how to install and configure MetaMask?

To install, you will first need a browser, which can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge or Opera. You can even create separate wallets per browser, which allows you to separate certain portfolios from each other. In the following we will show you the steps with the Firefox browser:

Download and install Metamask wallet

  • During download and installation, you may be presented with windows where we must give permission for the application to be installed.

Create a new MetaMask crypto wallet

  • Once you're done with the installation, you can set up your own wallet. Push in the pipe and click on the "Create new wallet" button to create the new wallet. Otherwise, if you want to mount an existing wallet, you can mount it in the import section.
  • If you want to use your data to contribute to the development of MetaMask, but for maximum security, please pass this and click on the "No thanks" button in the pop-up window.
  • Enter a secure password, preferably containing upper and lower case letters, numbers and other characters.
  • Then click on the "Secure my wallet" buttonto take the private key to your wallet into your own hands. It is important to note that from now on, you will be responsible for this crypto wallet only. If the private key of the wallet is lost or leaked, all the cryptocurrency stored on it will be lost! There are no password reminders etc., so always store the private keys of your self-custody wallets carefully!
  • Read our advice on private keys and click on a "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase" button.
  • Then write multiple copies and carefully store the generated Metamask private key. (The order is also important)
    Taking a photograph of the code is not recommended, it is safer not to store it anywhere in digital form.
  • Then specify the missing elements during the audit
  • Let's read the ins and outs of using the Metamask wallet and click on the "Got it" button.

If you're happy with that, congratulations, you've successfully completed your Metamask wallet!

Using MetaMask: script currency management and transaction execution

You can access our wallet in the top right corner of your browser. The same wallet is also available in the Metamask mobile app. All you need to do is to use the import wallet function there at the beginning.

  • Click on the app icon in the browser, then enter your made-up password if necessary. Then our Metamask account will appear, basically selecting the Ethereum network.
  • You can add new cryptocurrency tokens by scrolling down on the main page and selecting "Import tokens".
  • And NFTs can be displayed with the NFTs tab on the main page

Receive cryptocurrencies to our Metamask wallet

To send Ethereum-based ERC20 coins to this wallet, click on the address in the blue rectangle above. This is the ERC20-based address of our Metamask. In this case, 0x.......89. Our address is then copied out, which is Binance or from another stock exchange. Help: Cryptocurrency transaction: a step-by-step guide for beginners

Sending cryptocurrencies from our Metamask wallet

  • If you want to transfer from your existing wallet to another wallet, you can click on the "Send" button on the main tab.
  • Then enter the address of the wallet to which you want to transfer. Ensure that you are referring to the right network and that you provide a matching address (from Metamask Ethereum wallet to e.g. Binance Ethereum wallet)
  • Then choose which cryptocurrency you want to transfer
  • Enter the amount to be transferred. (It is generally not advisable to tamper with transaction fees)

Adding smart grids

  • If you want to use another network, you can click on the drop-down list next to the Ethereum icon above, then click on "Add network". 

You can then add, for example, BinanceSmartChain and BEP20 networks by clicking on the "Add" button next to the network.


Other Metamask functions

Once you have installed and uploaded your Metamask wallet, you then have the option to connect to different for decentralised applications, for example for decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Using these applications, our wallet communicates with smart contracts, where if specific operations are enabled, the contracts run in the predefined way. It is crucial that you only associate your wallet with trusted sites! Otherwise our cryptocurrencies could be stolen!

With the "Buy" function you can now cryptocurrency for credit card purchases which allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly into your Metamask wallet in 5-10 minutes.

Decentralised with the "Swap" function we can exchange cryptocurrencies. For example, to exchange Ethereum for USDT pegged to the dollar.

And with the Metamask "Bridge" function move coins between different blockchain networks. For example, we can "bridge" USDT-from the BinanceSmartChain network to, say, Ethereum.

Linking Ledger to Metamask account

For maximum security, we are able to link our Metamask wallet to a hardware wallet, such as a Ledger wallet. This provides extra protection because it requires the physical buttons on the Ledger to be pressed for each operation. In turn, we are able to connect our Ledger to certain decentralised applications and stake our favourite cryptocurrencies.

  • To connect on the main page, click on the drop-down menu with the coloured circle icon above. Then choose "hardware wallet" function

Then select the wallet you want to connect.

Tips and safety recommendations for using the MetaMask wallet

When using MetaMask, it is important to follow a few safety recommendationto protect our cryptocurrencies and private data. In particular, it is important not to accidentally connect it to other applications or websites, as this could allow malicious actors to access our wallets and steal our cryptocurrencies. Always check that the application or website is trustworthy and authentic before allowing it access to our MetaMask.

It is also very important that you never give your private key to anyone. This key and password are essential to access your wallet and manage your cryptocurrencies. If someone obtains this information, they could easily access our wallet and steal our cryptocurrencies. Keep this information in a safe place and do not share it with others.

Thank you for your contribution! 🙌

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