Mastodon: the decentralised social network

2024. Mar. 25. | Web3

Mastodon is one of the best decentralised social media platforms, offering users an alternative to mainstream centralised platforms. It has more than 10 million registered users. It operates on a federated model where several independent servers, called "instances", form a network.

The Mastodon decentralised social network gives users more control. Unlike centralised social media platforms, unified networks support independence without central authority. Benefits include resistance to censorship, ownership of personal data and greater control over user-generated content.

In other words, users do not accept censorship and insist on having the final say on their content.

This means that no one else, whether a company or a website administrator, can modify the content created by users. No one can remove user-generated content.

Mastodon is a decentralised social network, unlike centralised social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and therefore no single entity owns and controls the entire network.

Mastodon is designed as free and open source software for aggregated microblogs, to which anyone can add code and which anyone can run on their own server infrastructure if they want, or connect to servers run by other people within the network of the overlay.

The main benefits of Mastodon are:

  • Decentralized - No company checks the data.
  • Open Source Code - The code is free for anyone to view, use and modify.
  • No ads - No targeted ads based on your data.
  • Chronological entries - Entries are displayed in the order in which they are published, not algorithmically reordered.
  • Control your data - Easily export your complete account data at any time.

Register and use Mastodon

To start using Mastodon, you need to connect to a server (called an instance) and register an account. The largest instance is the

Mastodon specimens and the Universe


Mastodon instances are independently run communities, each with their own rules and moderation policies. The overlay is an interconnected network of Mastodon instances and other compatible community networks. You can follow users and interact with them on different instances through the overlay.

All Mastodon copies are considered independent community sites.

Some popular Mastodon examples:

  • - Flagship site run by Mastodon gGmbH, the non-profit organisation behind the Mastodon project. A very large community.
  • - For people interested in art and design.
  • - For people interested in technology and software development.
  • - For people in Austria or interested in visiting.

The Fediverse is Mastodon's so-called federated network, which means thousands of social networks worldwide.

Although Mastodon does not have its own cryptographic or built-in user reward system, in some cases external tools may be integrated for user rewards or tipping. However, Mastodon focuses primarily on decentralized social media rather than incorporating blockchain principles.

The Mastodon app is available on IOS and Android platforms.



Mastodon is redefining social networks with open source and decentralised software. With a focus on privacy, transparency and community governance, it offers an ethical alternative to connect people and share ideas.

To fully experience the freedom of the cover universe, I encourage you to register for your local Mastodon copy. Meet new people, confirm their interests, post about your interests or get involved as a developer. The opportunities are huge in this open network. Although still growing, Mastodon offers a promising vision for the future of social networking.


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