Cüvé interview

2023. Oct. 29. | Interviews

Cüvé enjoys painting as a graffiti artist, thus reinforcing female participation in the subculture.

How long have you been painting? Where did the stage name come from?

Unfortunately, I started late, although I had been interested in it for quite a long time. I've been drawing and painting since I was little, so art has always been very close to me! I used to I was drawing characters, strange figures. In 2010 I had a friend who was into graffiti, who got me closer to graffiti, and we drew a lot together, although I was only doing blackbooks and stickers at the time. That's when I came up with the name PumpKing, although I have no idea how it came about. After that I stuck with the notebook/canvas art for a few more years, and then in 2016 I finally painted 2 abstract characters on Reaper!:)) 

Since the PumpKing name is long, I wanted a short name with 4 letters... I knew I wanted it to start with a C and end with an E. Finally, after a lot of scribbling, I came up with the name CÜVÉ (I got really screwed with the juxtaposed ÜV combo :D). This name has no special meaning either, and has nothing to do with wine! Finally, I have only been painting regularly since 2018.


What inspires you to create? 

Lots of things... whether it's good music, or seeing a good drawing, or most of all, to improve and make the next drawing better! 


Is there a graffiti group you are a member of?

Yes! In March, on my birthday, I was ceremoniously admitted to the D.R.C.! Which is a great honour for me, I was very emotional... I didn't expect it at all, the guys surprised me:))) 

Illegal or legal painting?

Mostly legals/half legals.


Do you see graffiti as a hobby or a livelihood?


Was there a part of your life that made you feel like you were quitting for good? 

Since I haven't been painting for long, I hadn't even thought of this. I'll keep doing it as long as I enjoy it and love it. 

What would have happened if you didn't grab a can at the time? What would you do?

I would probably draw my abstract little figures in notebooks in the same way.

Most memorable blowout?

Almost always for something! In 2019, OBES had a funny running story, the memory of which is still a little bit visible on my arm:D CUSIE and I had a memorable Friday morning back in the covid days, when we went to a home office location, where we climbed down a steep hill and it wasn't easy to get in, but it worked out in the end! Or with VISA the unforgettable Balaton paintings!:)))

What has this subculture given you over the years?

I got to know a lot of people through painting and had a lot of fun with them. 

What would you say to those who are just getting to know the genre?

Draw a lot, practice, then go for it!


Who would you thank for making you stick to your art? 

For my parents, they have always been supportive and excited to show me new drawings. To LEEPU or to ACID for the first paintings! To VISA for all the painting and fun together! 

To D.R.C. for including me in the crew! 

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