Bicycle Street Art Tour Szeged

A blokklánc technológiáról – Cryptofalka

About blockchain technology - Cryptofalka

Time is money. In the financial situation affected by the current inflation, this saying could even be translated as if one does not act in time, one will certainly lose the value of the money acquired at the price of hard work. The best investment is investing in yourself.

Stamps Back – Egy vakondok történet

Stamps Back - A story of moles

Smuggled Commodore 64s, hacked games, copied video game cassettes sold on the market, floppy disks sent by mail, Matáv telephone booth connected to an American BBS server, disc magazines and the birth of the first Hungarian paper game magazines.



This exhibition features introspective works of art, rich in various details, in which the creator actually takes stock of the stages of his life so far: all this in parallel with the projection of a more considered, harmonious vision of the future.

Peter Tomasek – Soul Fragments kiállítás

Peter Tomasek - Soul Fragments exhibition

In his solo exhibition entitled Soul Fragments, we can gain an insight into the various fragments of his psyche, all of which symbolize certain stages of his state of mind as an attempt to resolve social criticism or introspective tensions.

Infopapa rezidenciája

Infopapa's residence

His works are absolutely suitable for such places, which are already so destroyed that they can only be repaired.


Some inexplicable force always whispers in my ear that it's you.

Teyl x Desir

I had to wait 30 or 25 years for it to sink into the human consciousness that this is no longer what it used to be.


It is not enough to spin the getting up, remain humble and respectful towards everyone!


Message from the street