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Bitcoin is healthy money

Bitcoin gives EVERYONE equal ownership and freedom. The fiat currency system is designed to work for the working class forever. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Bitcoin levels the playing field.

AAFK interjú

AAFK interview

Anny és Felipe egy művész páros, akik erős háttérrel rendelkeznek grafika és illusztráció terén. Amikor eldöntötték,...

Bitcoin és a pénz kapcsolata

Bitcoin and money

The biggest mistake you can make is not understanding how money works. The younger we are, the greater the...

Cüvé interjú

Cüvé interview

Cüvé enjoys painting as a graffiti artist, thus increasing female participation in the subculture.How long have you been painting? How did you...


I am confident that, in terms of creation, I can be part of a process that will change and evolve over time.



Some inexplicable force always whispers in my ear that it's you.



I had to wait 30 or 25 years for it to sink into the human consciousness that this is no longer what it used to be.



It is not enough to spin the getting up, remain humble and respectful towards everyone!



I think almost nothing inspires me as much as the diversity, development, or change of this genre, which has turned from a closed subculture into a contemporary style that perhaps best expresses the spirit of the present age.



Few people know, but it requires a lot of sacrifice, time and energy.



My motivation is to surpass myself with each next step.



Get to know your true self and bring out your real sweaty self! If you're not in love, leave.



When there are so many of us out on the wall, I think directness and positive energy flow from us, plus good humor.



Message from the street