Urban metamorphosis street art program 2.

2020. Dec. 1. | Community

The second stop of the Városmetamorfózis street art program is "Szetáv TV", which on the one hand hosted the Külvárosi Mozi Piknik screening series, and on the other hand draws attention to the problem of illegal waste dumping. 

The purpose of installing the retro TV was to provide the people of Szeged with some entertainment in the middle of the pandemic. The "full house" performances, which mean 4-500 people on average, indicate the success of the cinema, only a few residents of the neighborhood did not like the idea. After use, the TV was "thrown away", a community garbage collection was also organized around this occasion, and then, true to the idea of the City Metamorphosis, a new educational interface was created, the topic of which is illegal waste. 

városmetamorfózis 2.

The Mondolo Association and the SZETÁV Kft. About the purpose of the joint environmental protection steet art program called Urban Metamorphosis, where the concept of the urban living environment is reinterpreted, and about its first stop, the "Swallow's Nest Heating Plant" earlier in our article you can read. 

The transformation of the industrial building, which is currently ruining the cityscape, into a work of art is once again a Muralpaint.hu can be connected to the team of wall decorators. The team working to beautify the urban environment used approximately 100 liters of outdoor paint and colorant and 50 spray cans on the 250 square meter surface. The work was created using a combination of outdoor facade painting and acrylic paint spray. Enamel paint was applied to the "screen" of the TV so that the light from the projector could be seen. For the first time, the team worked on the street art work on Fűtőmű Street for two weeks, and then at the end of the summer, new content, plant and animal patterns were added to the giant television that had lost its function in the name of environmental protection.


The muralpaint.hu team received positive feedback on the execution, with the artistic creation, on the one hand, they managed to improve the atmosphere of the city square, and on the other hand, the creators had the opportunity to convey content that makes the viewer think about the painted problem.

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His works are absolutely suitable for such places, which are already so destroyed that they can only be repaired.

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