Interview with graffiti artist Suzie

2020. Nov. 14. | Interviews

She lives in Budapest Suzie he combined his graphic design skills acquired at college with graffiti art. He paints his characters on the walls in an individual style, in front of which even the police happily pose.

How long have you been painting?

In 2015, I made my first drawing in Eger.

Where did the stage name come from?

Elég prózai, de a saját nevemből. 😀

How did this style develop and what would you call it?

Akkor kezdtem festeni miután befejeztem fősulin a tervezőgrafika szakot. Ott már volt egy kialakulóban lévő illusztrációs stílusom, amit “csak” meg kellett tanulnom kifesteni. 🙂 Ez valamennyi könnyebbséget jelentett az elején, sokan évekig keresik azt a stílust, amivel a legjobban tudnak azonosulni. Persze azóta az enyém is alakult sokat és még fog is remélhetőleg. Nevet még nem adtam neki vagy nem tudom hogy lenne.


Who or what inspired you most to create?

I like many people's work like Marina Capdevila, Lauren YS, Etam Cru, Arsek&Erase and many others.

Is there a graffiti group you are a member of?

We've been painting together with Coke almost since the beginning, but somehow we never thought we should start a crew. So I'm not officially a member of any group, but I like to paint with more people.

Illegal or legal painting?

Legal, but rather abandoned.


Over the years, have you had any confrontations with the authorities?

Not really, nothing but cool credentials.

What inspired you in the past and what still motivates you now?

I used to always want to do one better than my previous drawing. In recent years, the focus has been on painting a little too much, relegating classic or digital illustration to the background. I wanted to paint a lot so that I could improve as quickly as possible, but I no longer had the energy for the aforementioned things in addition to work, only what I could draw for painting. I got a bit of art block for a while, my motivation now is to overcome it.

Do you see graffiti as a hobby or a livelihood?

For now, as a hobby, but in time I would like to do much more with it.

Suzie graffiti művész

The financial costs of making a drawing are quite expensive. How can you finance these?

It really isn't the most wallet-friendly activity. I, like others, can finance myself primarily from my work and orders.

Was there a part of your career that made you feel like you were quitting for good?

Most of the time I am very critical of myself and my work, so sometimes it has happened in sudden desperation, but what bothers me more is what if I can't move on from this level and I become self-repeating. That would probably be worse than quitting.

What would have happened if you didn't grab a can at the time? What would you do?

Valószínűleg ugyanúgy grafikus lennék, csak más lenne a hobbim. 🙂 Ha pedig nem művészettel foglalkoznék, akkor valami szociális pályán lennék tévesen.

How do you see the current situation of the subculture here in Hungary?

If we only look at this year, obviously this too, like life in general, has fallen a bit. But the activity is fundamentally fluctuating.

Most memorable blowout?

Ezt már korábban kérdezték máshol is úgyhogy egy az egyben át kell ide emelnem. 🙂 Épp a nagyvásártelepen festettünk, amikor odajött igazoltatni két rendőr. Az egyik megkérdezte fel szokták-e ismerni a rajzaimat az emberek. Mondom nem tudom, talán őket kellene megkérdezni. Majd pár perc múlva odafordítja felém a telefonját, amin egy képen boldogan pózol egyenruhában az egyik elhagyott helyen lévő rajzommal. Nem tudom melyikünk volt nagyobb zavarban utána, de megjegyezte, hogy nyugodjak meg, felismerhető. 🙂

What has this subculture given you over the years?

Experiences that I would never have been able to experience if I hadn't done this.

What would you say to those who are just getting to know the genre?

It's always good to have fresh faces, so persevere and be patient!

Who would you like to thank for making you stick with your art?

Nagyon sokat köszönhetek Coke-nak, aki mindig támogat és bátorít. 🙂 És persze mindenkinek aki lehetőséget adott, hogy megmutathassam mit tudok.


my name is


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