Mátra's natural values and diverse vegetation on the wall of an apartment building in Gyöngyös

2022. Sep. 9. | Community

The artwork draws attention to the protected natural values of the Mátra Landscape Protection District and local environmental protection. In addition to nature conservation, I would also like the painting to contribute to the improvement of the cityscape of Gyöngyös housing estate.

The basic idea is a Mondolo Association From the street art project he started in Szeged, dealing with nature conservation and environmental problems, that is Urbanologycomes from Although the work in Gyöngyös is not organically connected to the previous projects in Szeged, as a professional mentor, the association took on a serious role in the creation of the painting, which was finally able to be integrated into the Urbanology initiative.

The painting was originally intended for another wall in the city center, but the apartment building was just about to be renovated, and it is also a listed building, so after a while they had to look for a new wall. At that time, they selected some well-located apartment buildings in the city, which were further selected by the municipality based on various criteria, and then asked if they were interested in such a project. Among those who said yes, they continued with the implementation of the project.

The construction required the permission of the municipality, including the chief architect, especially considering that the project was realized from a tender won on the Participation Budget. Of course, the permission of the apartment building's residents and owners was also essential, the residents voted on this at a general meeting and chose which of 2 pictures they wanted to see on the wall.

Three people directly participated in the project. The originator and project manager was an enthusiastic local patriot, Rita Körhegyi, who persevered through fire and water in overcoming the obstacles that preceded the birth of the painting and paved the way for the project in recent months. The Mondolo Association was represented by Máté Pál, a geographer and sustainable development specialist, who was the professional coordinator of the painting, and who will also prepare the soon-to-be-completed online supporting materials. And for the visual appearance, Ádám Kirsch, under his stage name Fat Heat answered, who created a really striking painting from their initial idea using his unique visual world.






Az alkotás a Mátrai Tájvédelmi Körzet védett természeti értékeire hívja fel a figyelmet. A közvetlenül Gyöngyös mellett magasodó Mátra egy alapvetően erdős táj, ám a változatos erdőtársulások mellett ritka növényfélékkel is találkozhatunk, melyek közül végül három jellemző fajt választottak ki a projektjükbe, lefedve így az elszórtan található növénytársulásokat. Ezek a pávafarkú salamonpecsét, a havasi szirtipáfrány és a mátrai madárbirs. Az érdeklődő szemeknek persze először a képet uraló „madár” tűnik fel, ez pedig nem más, mint a kerecsensólyom. A Mátra változatos vegetációjához ugyanis egy fajgazdag állatvilág is kapcsolódik, és ezek között keresgéltek egy olyan fajt, amely jól szimbolizálja a Mátra értékes és törékeny faunáját, így esett a választás végül a kerecsensólyomra. Ezen felül még egy mátrai sziluettet és a kékestetői TV-tornyot is felfedezhetik a legfigyelmesebbek.

Gyöngyös, Bethlen Gábor utca 10.

The basic goal is to draw attention to local environmental protection and the importance of the natural values of Mátra near Gyöngyös. With the slightly faded, warm colors, they try to reflect that although we have always imagined our central mountains as a green island, the drought that is currently affecting Hungary, the ever-increasing water shortage and the global warming that is behind everything will certainly affect Mátra sooner or later. Of course, in addition to the nature conservation, I would also like the painting to contribute to the improvement and coloring of the townscape of Gyöngyös housing estates, and thus to evoke a positive feeling in the residents. In addition to all this, the website of the Urbanology project will provide an opportunity to gain immediate knowledge about the topic through the professional content available online.

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