Szinyei's Airship flies over Budapest as a symbol of artistic freedom

2022. Sep. 7. | Community

The latest monumental creation of the Neopaint Works firewall painting group: Szinyei's Airship on 500m2. It is unique not only in Budapest, but also nationally, that an authentic reproduction of a famous painting is placed on a firewall.

The students of Pál Szinyei Merse High School, which is starting its 125th academic year this year, will now be able to see a huge version of one of the namesake's best-known works every day.

"The airship is a symbol of the soaring of human thoughts and artistic freedom, which does not move away to cosmic heights, but remains the living space of humanity, close to the earth," reads Anna Szinyei Merse, in her book about the life and work of her great-grandfather, the artist is "perhaps the most original, perky -funny", about his painting made in 1882.

Szinyei Léghajója

The Neopaint group recommended Szinyei's painting Airship

The management of the high school has long been considering painting and decorating the surface of the giant fire wall in the inner courtyard, for which the round anniversary provided the perfect opportunity, and then the VI. after discussions with the district self-government, the implementation of the idea was given the green light. THE Neopaint the group's painters clearly recommended the display of the Airship. Before this, there were several ideas about what should be put on the wall, but in the end the school management decided in full agreement in favor of the Airship.

The mural was completed in two weeks

It was a huge challenge to display the 42×39.3 cm painting on such a large surface, because the already small picture contains countless small details that are revealed when enlarged, and Szinyei's unique brushstrokes had to be represented in such a way that the giant painting ultimately reflects the real Airship mood. At first glance, it does not seem like a complicated work, but upon closer inspection we can see that it is a very detailed and completely unique image.

Szinyei Léghajója

The 500 m2 mural was completed in 2 weeks in the middle of the biggest heat wave, with the participation of 5 painters.

Szinyei Léghajója
Szinyei Léghajója

The members of the Neopaint Works group are confident that this can be a good example for the creation of more similar works across the country, since each such mural could become not only a tourist attraction, but also a kind of cultural mission. "If we could, we would only paint pictures like this, because it has a purpose and a meaning. For us, the greatest compliment would be if Szinyei could see it and say: Yes, it's a nice job!" - said the head of Neopaint, Barnabás Jankovits.

Partners in the implementation were:

– Budapest Capital VI. district Terézváros Municipality Mayor's Office
– Hungarian National Gallery – the photo of the painting was provided by MNG
- Management of Pál Merse Szinyei High School

Briefly about the Neopaint Works group:

Since its 17-year existence, the group of painters has created decorative murals on more than 10,000 m2 of wall surface, thus creating the culture of fire wall painting and legal public wall painting in our country.

Monumental works such as the Rubik's Cube, the 6:3 Match of the Century, the Sissy, the Miksa Róth Memorial Wall, the Actors of the Nation or the "greenery" on Klauzál Square have now become landmarks and tourist destinations in Budapest, their number exceeds 60 piece. When choosing the topics of the graphics, an important aspect is that the painting has content in addition to the visual experience, as this is how a wall decoration that decorates the city will be complete. Therefore, their activity cannot be categorized as either graffiti or street art, because they do not want to display their own style on our murals, but take into account the environment and location of the surface and develop their concepts and implement their plans legally, after obtaining permits..

Among their countless requests, the Airship was the greatest honor and at the same time the greatest challenge, because they were entrusted with a project that is not everyday: to copy and display the work of an exceptional painter is a great challenge, which requires maximum trust on the part of the clients.
The knowledge and practice gained during many hundreds of small and large jobs, as well as that thanks to a unique technique they can realize almost any idea or graphic plan.

The primary goal of the painting group is to make as many as possible quality mural can be made in public spaces throughout the country, as well as in various public institutions.

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