It is the largest abstract style mural in the country

2022. Jan. 27. | Community

The largest mural in the country, and also in Central Europe, has been completed Coke designed by graffiti artist and designer. The painting itself does not explicitly depict anything, but its symbolism is the change itself. 

The 4,880 square meter work is located in Biatorbágy, which decorates the facade of CTP Management Hungary Kft.'s logistics center in Biatorbágy. The international competition received 199 designs from five countries. The professional jury chose the graphics of Viktor Dobos (Coke) from Hungary as the winning work.

CTP launched its "Art Wall" initiative in the Czech Republic in 2017, the purpose of which was to decorate the wall surfaces of CTP properties.

In Hungary, ARC assisted CTP in conducting the tender, and CTP ART CREW was its partner in the execution.

"My plan was called Metamorphosis. It doesn't explicitly represent anything, but its symbolism is change itself. It consists of five units, which represent a separate world and can be interpreted separately, but together they form a whole due to their style. I like abstract directions because it leaves free association. Here, too, he shows and says something to me, but it may bring out completely different thoughts and feelings from another person; this was also one of my goals with it. But I also always say that you don't have to see anything, you don't have to feel anything, because its primary purpose is actually just to convey a visual experience, and it can be good even if it doesn't convey anything, there's no deep underlying thought and no formulated bullshit. The applicant's goal was actually to make the environment a little more colorful, to take away a little of the grayness in the area. Regarding the style, I approached the design from a vector graphic direction. I have always been interested in this direction and I have already created several illustrations in a similar style, but I rarely paint pictures of this kind on the wall"

says Viktor


The wall was built in the fall of 2021. The wall is located at the border of Biatorbágy. For about 2 months, 10-12 people worked on the project 5 days a week. By the way, the painting was done with a roller and a brush; with two-component paints that are resistant to UV, water, and frost, thus long-lasting. By the end of the project, more than 700 liters had been consumed.

az ország legnagyobb falfestménye

What kind of feedback have you received so far after the painting?

A visszajelzések nagy többsége pozitív, de nyilván nem létezik olyan alkotás semmilyen műfajban, ami mindenkinek tetszene, így természetesen itt is voltak, akiknek nem jött be, de ez így van rendjén. Furcsább lenne számomra az, ha mindenkinek tetszene kivétel nélkül. Kifejezetten kedveltem azokat, akik valamiféle összeesküvést is társítottak a projekthez, akár politikai vagy más ideológiai megközelítésból. Azok jól szórakoztattak 🙂

How does it make you feel that the biggest mural in Hungary so far reflects your unique artistic style?

I'm obviously happy about it, because you can see less people creating in this style anyway, and this became a good impression of it, and it was also good for me not to work with letters. But the initiative itself is what I consider good, regardless of whether my plan comes up or not. There should be more such projects in the country.

az ország legnagyobb falfestménye
az ország legnagyobb falfestménye

Any other noteworthy stories that happened to you during the project?

The whole thing remains a good experience from start to finish. I am glad that, in addition to the result, I got to know nice, good-natured people in connection with the project, with whom we worked together on the wall, so that we did not know each other before, but everyone gave themselves and worked enthusiastically. The company was very good.

Konkrét esetet nem emelnék ki, jó volt együtt megélni a nehézségeket is a projekt közben, együtt szenvedni mikor hideg volt, fújt a szél vagy esett az eső, de nyilván a legtöbb nevetésből meg jó hangulatból jutott 🙂 Köszi mégegyszer mindenkinek, aki részt vett a kivitelezésben!

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