Thanking healthcare workers

2021. Oct. 30. | Community

Színes Város

With a five hundred square meter mural, they are thanking the healthcare workers in Csepel for their efforts against the coronavirus epidemic.

The artists of the Színes Város Group thank the humble work of those working in the health and social sector, for standing firm during the epidemic situation, and in recognition of this, they set up a lasting memory with the painting. The heart-shaped red balloon on the wall tries to symbolize this gesture and letting go. It suggests that this virus situation is coming to an end sooner or later.

The idea is the 21st century. It was created as a joint initiative of the Csepel District Municipality and the Club for Women for Hungary.



színes város
színes város

The firewall was painted from top to bottom using a suspended electric stand. The huge surface was first painted with almost 40 liters of primer, then sketching and then came the classic coloring, when they started to fill in the parts of the painting with the appropriate colors.

"The feedback has been very positive, you never know what will work with a painting and what will not. This, for example, worked particularly well, we can see this from the reactions"

 - stated Péter Flór, Secretary General of the Colored City Group.

színes város

The painting on the wall of the 10-story apartment building was made with the support of Szerencsejáték Service Nonprofit Kft. and designed by Katalin Benkő in Csepel at Kossuth utca 88.

HOEK mexikói stílusú éttermi dekorációja

HOEK's Mexican-style restaurant decor

What you can see from him at the moment is a decorative painting for a Mexican restaurant called Sombreros Taqueria. His clients wanted to evoke the visual aspects of this rich culture in addition to their food.