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2022. Apr. 24. | Interviews

Endre/Koen/Darab. Whichever designation we look at, each one is a slice of his life, from which he became who he is today. Graffiti, street art, graphics and much more. When I met him, I expected an interview, but I got a conversation like when you run into an acquaintance you haven't seen for a long time, who welcomes you kindly and friendly.

Street art, graffiti - as it is mentioned in many conversations - is finally starting to become more than vandalism and vandalism for ordinary people.

I had to wait 30 or 25 years for it to sink into the human consciousness that this is no longer what it used to be.

You laid the foundation for all of this...

…well, not always in the most legal way, but it was part of it. If you look at where it all started, you can see that it is a form of self-expression. First and foremost, I would rather call myself a street artist, although it is true that I did graffiti a long time ago, we started with the big names.  In other words, I "cultivate" the world of connectors. If e.g. I stick an outlet (representative sticker) on a pole, on a bus, where I see that young people start plugging in the phone charger mindlessly, because they need to charge the ájfont, then it was worth it to me. I stick these stickers in completely radical places, say above a urinal, on an entrance door, where the most absurd situations are generated as a result. In addition, I try to support all graffiti artists and street artists who, for example, need stickers, they usually come to me, so I have the old, established relationships.


According to them, do you actively keep in touch with other graffiti/street artists/sticker artists?

There used to be such sticker-gluing movements, I participated in about two of them, but overall it is also a separate style. I try to do this genre in such a way as to stay on the border of legality, although I wouldn't say legality, because there is nothing illegal about it. The stickers that I use and produce for others can be easily removed from the given surface, so even if they get caught, they won't have any problems.

So isn't everything that can be removed really vandalism?

Yes, everything that can be removed without damaging the surface. This is actually a decorative sticker, which e.g. they are also used to decorate shop windows. Only if you already push it with a member, it comes easily  the public space is that you vandalize. In this case, you simply show that it can be removed in an instant. What 0036 mark does in this way, for example, is brilliant. This is the type of gluing when artists use paper-based stickers with wallpaper glue.  Well, this belongs to the category of street art, so to speak, but the public square already considers this to be vandalism, which I personally do not agree with. I, on the other hand, don't do these things, because I had a case related to it that year, which made me stop doing it for 12 years.

Majd utána Fork Imivel hozott össze a sors, – best thing ever 😀 – egy munkahelyen kezdtünk melózni és ez felkapargatta a régi dolgokat, érzéseket. Mondanom sem kell, hogy egy húron pendülünk és kialakult egy mai napig tartó testvéri kapcsolat. Na akkor elkezdtem megint fújni, full legálba’ természetesen, és így visszacsöppentem az egészbe. Szóval amit korábban kérdeztél, hogy bandázás a többiekkel, csapatszellem, az abszolút megvan a mai napig. I used to work with the guys from All Capses, because with them I found a common voice and a common ideology in this matter, according to which it is possible to cultivate this normally and it is not limited to e.g. you push a tag onto the side of a church and that's it.

Anyway, have you looked up what the legislation is about the whole thing, what and where you can/can't do it?

Well... most of the time you experience this yourself, why the nanny is there and why not, obviously it's worth reviewing the legislation from time to time to see what has been changed, but actually it happens as  that people go and do it and if they look bad, they look bad. Also, there are plenty of places where you can go "joy painting" legally, with prior arrangement, e.g. in Városmajor, and of course Fila is like that too. Or there was such a part at the entrance to the M5, behind the soundproof wall - which is not visible from the outside - where we often used to paint in the past, until unfortunately it was reclaimed. It was great to see when I was traveling home To Vojvodina and I saw that the guys painted something brutally good again.

I have a preconception in my head that if  Someone paints in a semi-legal place, if it's quality  his work, the more lenient the official bodies are,  as if someone just blew up a few letters. Is this correct or am I wrong?

Not necessarily. It depends on whether the person in charge, e.g. have you ever had a bad experience, say your fence was painted over, or similar. There was also a case when we went out to paint at Fila, and they made us check in completely unnecessarily. Obviously that's their job, I can't blame them for it. There are two types of people here. There are those who validate, directly tease, get involved in the situation, and there are those who do their job, validate, and then remark that anyway it is a very good and cool thing that we are and do this, because we bring color to the city.


So, I digressed a bit from the topic, but coming back to the issue of banding, as I mentioned, I mainly push with the All Caps team, I participate in their events and I decided that I want to take on a role in all of this, that I don't want to be specifically at the front , but to support everyone from the background as much as I can. This is also why I took on the sticker manufacturing business, because I also do it on a small scale and if I have a good contact, through whom  tudok segíteni a többieknek, akkor én ezzel járulok hozzá, hogy színesebb legyen a város is. 😀 This is my ideology.

And how do you see why these crews can throw people out of themselves?

Nyilván bele lehet képzelni ebbe azt a gondolatmenetet, hogy mondjuk nem hozzák azt a színvonalat, de közel sem erről van szó. Az én véleményem, ami csakis a saját véleményem, nem azonosítom egyik crew-val sem, hogyha valakivel nem érzem a harmóniát, a jó együttműködést,  then I won't force things. I think there is a process for this in the crew as well, if someone does something that damages the team's reputation, so to speak, how is it handled. The problem is that there are two solutions in this scene: one is to go there and talk. If the other person is also normal and receptive, then meaningful communication begins. Unfortunately, this is rarer, the other is when one party starts talking and the other immediately takes it upon themselves and starts making faces. I would like to note that there are more and more normal solutions and less and less can be heard about inconsistencies. Or maybe I just hear less about it.

A little bit different. Do you think there is more openness to this whole scene among ordinary people, has some development started in this direction?

The problem is that from this point of view, I think we are still a backward country, which, unfortunately, already manifests itself in education. I am also a drawing and art teacher...

...are you a general or high school teacher?

I had a first class in elementary school, I taught everything there, didn't I?D, and in high school art and drawing. For example, I also taught graffiti and street art history, and for that reason I was specifically treated differently, I was excluded by my teaching colleagues. The view was  so that I don't teach the children to spoil things, don't take them out to Fila, and don't talk about things that are "not allowed".


Like a literature teacher bringing Harry Potter to class?

Exactly like bringing in the comics, the original DC, Marvel, Garfield, old Mickey Mouse, where it all started. People's knowledge and vision must be broadened. Yes, everyone will know that e.g. What Petőfi wrote, but I ask the question: why can't Petőfi be taught in the form of a comic? I think a lot of people would buy this. Or, for example, to teach the children that it is very nice to paint with a potato print in a school environment, but if you cut out a heart and print it on the wall in a hidden place on the street, it can look damn good and you already introduce the street art line in a small way. It is also important to see what is decoration and what is self-expressive "vandalism".

But I see that a trend has started in this regard. About 7 years ago, Nyírő Gyula Kórház was looking for griffiths to decorate addiction medicine. I immediately went to work on the matter myself, in the end I was the only one left with the reorganization, but I received extra help from everyone who was involved in the matter. Anyway, this project was called Nyírő Summer. Imagine that 26 graffiti artists have organized themselves, all of whom are big names in the "business". The paint store in Újpest sponsored the entire movement.  and all this was managed to be pushed through the board of directors, and it finally came to fruition. The concept was that it is important to know that a purification process is 26 months. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet and everyone got a letter, they had to paint that one letter, everyone with the same color scheme in their own style. Motivated like a film strip  those inside to listen, you can start this healing process, you can make it through. It was not easy to get this through the management, but fortunately, thanks to the intercession of Dr. Zsolt Petke, we managed to trick them. It has been there ever since.  That's what the really big things are for.

my name is


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