Regina Sulina

I do this to introduce the interesting and sometimes reckless people who strengthen the team of the Hungarian graffiti subculture.

From the Author

Shit Shot interjú

Shit Shot interview

Shit Shot is an interesting color spot in the Hungarian graffiti scene. His quirky character repeatedly gets involved in exciting adventures, which the artist captures in various interesting places. Every single area of life has an inspiring effect on him.

Rough Coloring Crew

Rough Coloring Crew

I was lucky enough to participate in a mini graffiti jam at the beginning of May, where quite a few members of the RCG crew marched to the legal wall in Filatorigat. It is a very harmonious team, they exude cheerfulness and directness. The team is very diverse, everyone creates in a different style, but when they come together for a joint painting, the end result is a uniform, demanding work.

Interjú Ábra graffiti művésszel

Interview with graffiti artist Abra

Abra colors the walls of the country with drawings of outstanding form. Over the years, his style has slowly transformed from simpler letters and now he creates almost only abstract works. What motivates him the most is that there are no limits. With each painting, he tries to project his particular mood onto the wall.

CO2 crew interjú

CO2 crew interview

For those who are familiar with the world of graffiti, CO2 is not only familiar from chemistry class. From the simplest lines to the most precise geometric shapes, these guys present it all on the walls. For 16 years now, they have been making gray abandoned factory buildings, retaining walls, and bridge piers more interesting.

Interjú Zeus graffiti művésszel

Interview with graffiti artist Zeus

Zeus has been an active participant in the Hungarian graffiti scene for 14 years. According to him, this is an inescapable feeling of life that accompanies him throughout his life. Constant development and humility characterize this guy. He has been a pillar member of the RCG crew for 2 years, during which time he has colored the Hungarian legal walls with many cool sets. 

Rubik/AWS film interjú

Rubik/AWS film interview

Rubik has been strengthening the camp of Hungarian writers for 20 years, during which time he has gained quite a reputation. He is an active participant in the Hungarian graffiti life both on the legal and illegal fronts. But he is not only talented in coloring walls and trains, this year he also showed off his skills in filmmaking. The AWS movie was a big hit with the general public. 

ALL CAPS Kollektíva

ALL CAPS Collective

Marci Árvay is not only a prominent figure in the Hungarian graffiti scene, but also a successful businessman. Nothing can prove this better than the fact that the All Caps store opened its doors 2 years ago, which has become a very popular place for participants of the graffiti life.

Interjú Upik graffiti művésszel

Interview with graffiti artist Upik

Debrecen-based graffiti artist Upik's style was born from his love of character drawing and comic books. His motivation used to be the street and corrupt members, but now he does it all consciously.