Giant squirrel graffiti in the name of nature conservation

2020. Jul. 29. | Community

Óriás mókus graffiti

He is known as a specialist in photorealistic graffiti Taker his creations can be found in many parts of the world and at home. You can't even walk past them without being noticed, as the artist's works are quite remarkable in terms of their size and workmanship.

His latest work depicts a giant squirrel next to Erdőtelek PREbeton Zrt. decorates the several meter high silos of a concrete factory. The artist gladly accepted the request, which was also a new and exciting challenge for him.

He was given a completely free hand in terms of design. The request was for a close-to-nature theme, which resulted in the idea of the squirrel. Although he was asked for several designs to choose from, and he experimented with other themes, somehow nothing else felt right. After the first squirrel design, another squirrel design was made, so this runner was finally made from two different squirrel designs.

Óriás mókus graffiti murál készítése

"During the construction, in the case of such a large surface, access is perhaps also interesting, since the silos are originally 10 meters high, but they don't even start from the ground, so I also worked at a height of 16-18 meters, all the way with the help of a basket lifter. The handling of this at home is tied to an OKJ exam, plus a separate official exam, which I have"

says Taker.


The giant squirrel graffiti was made exclusively with spray paint, which consumed 100-150 cans during its creation. The total area of the 6 silos can be around 200 m2, which was painted over two weeks, which required 7 days of concrete work.

Óriás mókus graffiti murál Taker
Óriás mókus graffiti murál Taker

It was important for the company that the classically "gray" factory environment be enhanced with a theme close to nature, thereby drawing attention to the importance of nature conservation.

What kind of feedback did you get after your work?

To my greatest delight, the squirrel received fantastic feedback. This is where the fact that it has always been important to me that if I paint something, it should really stop people in their tracks, have such an effect that they definitely admire and photograph what they see. If the effect was such that the reaction was "aha, nice", then I messed something up. This was my goal here as well, and it was helped by the fact that they did not approach me with the classic request to paint on the subject of the company's profile, but to start something with the subject of the concrete factory, which has seven mothers. Regardless of this, people who think with a "corporate head" would never have come up with the idea of ​​the squirrel, which is why you need an artistic eye. Even after the picture was completed, several people said that when they heard that a squirrel was being made, they had absolutely no idea what to think of it, they didn't understand why, but as soon as they saw it come to fruition, they immediately loved it. The factory is already referred to as the squirrel factory by the people in the area, they became richer with an extremely spectacular, lovable mascot and creation by being open, for which I am very grateful, and luckily they were not disappointed either.

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