#KeepTheNightAlive: Limited Edition Jägermeisters

2021. Jan. 27. | Community

With a great initiative, Jägermeister, with the participation of 7 Hungarian contemporary underground artists, helps the work of pubs, nightclubs, waiters, bartenders and bartenders closed under the restrictions due to the pandemic. A HUF 20 million fund was created from the income of the limited-edition Jägermeisters, from which they support nightlife workers.

"The world of Jägermeister is closely linked to nightlife. When it became clear that pubs and entertainment venues would be closed again, the brand immediately started thinking about how it could help the bartender and bartender community, which is very important to it. That's why we launched the "Keep the Night Alive" initiative.

- said József Becs, brand manager of Jägermeister.


Jägermeister only changes its label in special cases. It is very important for them to offer their consumers something special, which is how they came up with the idea of putting labels designed by underground artists on the limited edition bottles. When designing the graphics, the creators were given almost complete freedom. The result of the collaboration was the 7 types of special, embossed glass #KeepTheNightAlive Jägermeister collection, which debuted on store shelves at the end of last year, on December 18. And online itt can be purchased.

Artists' works:

The lack of night.. Mainly it is difficult because one of the main phases of my art takes place at night. I stick the dolls out at night in the city. The night is not only about the parties, but also about the lack of opportunities. There is no spontaneity, no togetherness. Everyone reevaluates their relationships a little and how many things should not be done right now.

#KeepTheNightAlive Miss KK

For him, nights usually mean work. He is most productive then, but if he had known in advance last year that this year he would spend almost the whole year at home and would not be able to go to concerts or entertainment venues, he would have gone somewhere every weekend.

#KeepTheNightAlive Labrosse Dániel

The night for me is just as diverse as the people I have met in my life, as the people who surround me everyday. Like life itself. There are evenings that are quiet and mysterious, causing you to reevaluate certain events in your life, and there are nights when we get lost in our own and other people's thoughts and lives. For me, the night represents the combination of these two extremes. When I was younger, I was much more involved in night life, and today it still plays an important role in my life, but in a different form. For me, the night, nightlife means a lot of inspiration. I am inspired by a lively and loud group of friends, and I am also inspired by people quietly drinking wine on the terrace of the whale. For me, the night is no longer so wild, but I feel its absence, like so many other people in the country and the world. I hope that soon we will be able to give a greater voice to joyful moments, birthdays, university admissions or just everyday life in general."

#KeepTheNightAlive Bianicon

Nightlife is often the main way to socialize for me, because I basically work alone at home. Usually, when I finish work at the end of the day / at night, I organize a meeting or two for myself, we have a good chat and a beer. In such cases, I can experience what I cannot during the day, connect. This is the system that works best for me, because I need peace at work so that I can concentrate and get the best out of myself, but I need a balance. It's a bit difficult that now I can't hang out, run into random people for a drink, sit down and talk. Because of this, the ratios have shifted and work and introspection play a much greater role, but this will certainly be able to be used in the future.

#KeepTheNightAlive Pápay Fanni

My last twenty-something years as a graffiti painter were spent chasing fame, "FAME" together with many of my colleagues in our narrow and closed cultural community. Of course, the essential work required for this was carried out mostly at night. I've been in the forbidden many times, but even when I wasn't, I found protection in the darkness. I was at home among the bright neon lights of the Budapest night, then I also got to know the darkness of the rural wastelands, with their lights flickering in the distance, and in the meantime I could also taste the nights of foreign countries. Darkness became my friend. It hid it, provided shelter, gave space to excitement, helped us become who we wanted to be, and indeed, many of us later became that. I learned to move in the dark forever, I fell in love with all its mystery, fear, seduction and charm. However, times and personalities change and that's okay. Today I no longer walk in the night, but I still wink at the twilight, because I know that whoever replaces him is my old friend.

For him, the Budapest night is about new human relationships and close friendships. The amount of inspiration and openness that nightlife brings is important. This is the kind of experience and feeling that defines his freedom and creativity, and the work that we can see from him was born out of this lack.

For years, I went to create at night, and over time it became completely ingrained in me as an active period at the end of the day. Even after work, I worked on my own projects in the evening, when my partner fell asleep or the city just woke up and I went to a party. The dark silence and neon-lit noise of the night have always influenced me and inspired my art.”

Fork Imre

A total of 10,000 of the uniquely designed Jägermeisters are made, and for every bottle sold, the brand donates HUF 2,000 to help the nightlife. The catering establishments whose employees receive subsidies are selected from among the consumers' nominations.

Those who want to get involved need only indicate the restaurant they want to nominate for support. To be nominated, you must post a memory of your favorite place on Instagram with the tag #keep….alive, and the name of the entertainment venue must be placed in the marked place (e.g. #keepKEDVENCBÁralive). In addition, the post must indicate the city where the particular catering unit is located, as well as the Instagram page of @jagermeisterhungary. The memory can be a picture, video or even a text post, but it can also be named with a photo of the limited series bottles. Those who work at night can also name their own working community, which is in a difficult situation, in the same way. 

The brand distributes a total of HUF 20 million in support. Announcement of results: beginning of February 2021.

Jägermeister Urban Gallery

Jägermeisters designed by artists will not only appear online and on store shelves, but also in the windows of some bars associated with the brand. The pieces of the limited series will be displayed one by one in the shop windows, each placed in an installation designed by its creator.

About the campaign www.keepthenightalive.hu information can be found on the website and related social media platforms. At the end of the campaign, the original, dedicated bottles will be sold at an online auction, and this income will also be used to support nightlife workers. 

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