Bicycle Street Art Tour Szeged

Teyl x Desir interjú

Teyl x Desir interview

An honest and direct account from one of the founders of the RCG crew from the beginning to the present day. With almost 20 years of experience in the profession, seasoned with some guidelines that are worth taking.

Elindult Szegeden is a Street Art turizmus

Elindult Szegeden is a Street Art turizmus

A napfény városa mindig tartogat meglepetéseket és ilyenkor valami újat mutat magából, mint amit addig megszoktunk. Ezt a változást mi sem mutathatná be jobban mint az utca művészete, ami bátran növekszik és folyamatosan feszegeti a kreatív határait.

Westprememural projekt 2.

Westprememural project 2.

To the delight of many, the Westprememural project, which was a great success last year, continued, where the symbol of Veszprém, King Szent István and Queen Gizella, the first Hungarian royal couple, was immortalized.

Ozora graffiti fesztivál

Ozora graffiti festival

A huge painting of Yoda came to life in Ozora, which was not done at the actual festival, but as part of a jam by some members of the RCG Crew. Among others, Peru took part in the painting, and he tells us about the details.

Fork Imre – Waterbased Visions

Imre Fork - Waterbased Visions

Imre Fork presents a new face with his latest water-based works and the combination of AR technology, which was created as a result of a meditative and innovative creative process.

Koen interjú

Koen interview

Endre/Koen/Darab. Whichever designation we look at, each one is a slice of his life, from which he became who he is today. Graffiti, street art, graphics and much more.

Böki – Rollin on Chrome kiállításmegnyitó

Böki - Rollin on Chrome exhibition opening

András Őrsi/ Böki/DJ ONE-AB. By whatever name it is known, its name is synonymous with quality work. As a child, Böki was introduced to graffiti, music, and break dancing. His love for graffiti…


Some inexplicable force always whispers in my ear that it's you.

Teyl x Desir

I had to wait 30 or 25 years for it to sink into the human consciousness that this is no longer what it used to be.


It is not enough to spin the getting up, remain humble and respectful towards everyone!


Message from the street