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As an area and settlement developer, I believe that street art can make the urban environment more colorful and friendly, as well as bring art closer to people.

From the Author

Interjú Optik utcaművésszel

Interview with street artist Optik

The artist Optik was captivated by the world of street art at a relatively early age, even when he was still in elementary school, and here he found the kind of occupation that he enjoys doing even without any particular interest or compulsion. 

Városmetamorfózis street art program 3.

Urban metamorphosis street art program 3.

We can witness another successful environmental protection street art project. With the third work created within the framework of the City Metamorphosis program, which depicts a giant hedgehog, attention is drawn to the situation and challenges of eastern hedgehogs living in the city.

Új legális falfelület Szegeden!

New legal wall surface in Szeged!

Szeged has added another legally paintable wall surface, where graffiti artists can create without restrictions. If you also want to create, or if you are just interested in the demanding works that have been completed so far, then you should walk to the row of garages on Csáky József Street in the Rókus district.

Városmetamorfózis street art program 2.

Urban metamorphosis street art program 2.

The second stop of the Városmetamorfózis street art program is "Szetáv TV", which on the one hand hosted the Külvárosi Mozi Piknik screening series, and on the other hand draws attention to the problem of illegal waste dumping.